Buckeye Partners recently awarded the Hatzel & Buehler Michigan office with a contract for the Bradley Road Terminal in Cleveland, Ohio. This project is a continuation of other projects involved in Buckeye’s Broadway Pipeline Expansion. The project includes a new utility feed that will step down to medium voltage distribution in the new electrical and control building. The electrical building will then distribute power to 5kV and 600V motors for new pumps.  Additional scope of work includes the installation of underground conduit and above grade cable tray to get cabling from point to point. Along with the power distribution, Hatzel & Buehler will install the control and instrumentation cabling to complete this automated systems. As all of this work will be completed during operating times of the terminal, Buckeye and Hatzel & Buehler will coordinate shutdowns to provide minimal disruptions to their normal operations.  Hatzel & Buehler continues to provide electrical and instrumentation services for Buckeye Partners in Michigan, Ohio and New Jersey.