Michigan Office awarded large tank upgrade at Marathon’s Detroit Refinery

Hatzel & Buehler was recently awarded a major project at the Marathon Detroit Refinery.  Marathon’s business partners have created a high demand for their products resulting in a required upgrade of their tank farm pipeline capabilities.  Hatzel & Buehler has been contracted by Marathon to install a new double ended medium voltage substation to feed upgraded pumps/motors at critical tanks.  The project includes 15kV, 5kV, 600V and instrument cabling and terminations for power feeds and control. The power for the substation is being feed 4,500 feet away with parallel feeder cables in the existing operating refinery from an operating substation.  Hatzel & Buehler will also install new lighting, motor control stations, grounding, instruments and fiber optic cabling for communications.  Hatzel & Buehler’s low-voltage subsidiary, Bluestone Communications, will complete the fiber optic cabling.  With a strict project schedule, Hatzel & Buehler is working closely with Marathon to ensure minimal shutdowns during normal operation.