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Hatzel & Buehler maintains fully operational prefabrication facilities to Support the Regional Branch Offices. All Hatzel & Buehler’s prefabrication facilities are managed by a Dedicated Prefabrication Manager and staffed with a dedicated team of IBEW Electricians.

Hatzel and Buehler has been involved in prefabrication since 2014. We currently maintain 11 full time prefabrication shops throughout the Northeast and utilize “Pop-Up” prefab shops on several projects to increase productivity and flexibility. All of our prefabrication shops are designed with Lean concepts in mind, with equipment and materials on wheels. The shops utilize the latest digital bending equipment, powered strut cutters, automated threaders, and cable cutters. We have wheeled overhead gantry cranes, adjustable worktables, threaded rod cutters, cushioned matts, and safety isle ways to reduce worker injuries. A 6,000 square foot Pop-Up prefab shop can be built in one week once the building has been secured. This shop is only open for the duration of the project.

HBNJ Warehouse Shop

Benefits of Prefabrication

  • Mobility of parts with controlled deliveries
  • Less trash and waste on the job-site
  • Ability to properly recycle trash
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved safety on the job site
  • Reduced project duration


Hatzel and Buehler approaches every project with quality and efficiency in mind. Working with the BIM/VDC Design team we are able to produce an LOD 500 coordinated model. All electrical equipment and feeders are designed to utilize prefabricated skid and conduit racks. The construction phasing is then reviewed to ensure all prefabricated equipment sizes and weights can be accommodated, and materials delivery schedules  are feasible. This allows the prefabrication shop to build underground duct banks, equipment skids, conduit runs, VFD stands, Lighting whips, Overhead lab panels, cable trays, and other equipment before the site is complete. Using “make-ready planning”, the completed prefabrication items will be scheduled to ship to the site as needed. Avoiding unnecessary materials laydown space, and risk of damaged or missing materials. The prefabrication shop provides a space that is not affected by the weather or other trades, and does not burden the site with additional manpower, parking, or security issues. Each build is reviewed and photographed by our QA/QC team before it leaves the prefab shop. This process ensures all items are built to the same standards and are ready for install and eliminates the spike in the labor curve at the end of the project. The VDC / Prefabrication team work closely together to provide a consistent, quality product that can be built off-site with skilled labor, allowing a project duration to be shortened and more reliable.