In an ongoing effort to provide Value-Added Services to our Customers and maximize job efficiencies, Hatzel & Buehler has made significant investments in obtaining and utilizing the most advanced hardware and software technologies in the industry. Hatzel & Buehler is pleased to offer the following Value-Added Technologies to our Customers:

  • Hatzel & Buehler utilizes ‘Building Information Modeling’ (BIM), which enables a virtual information model to be handed from the design team (architects, surveyors, civil, structural and building services engineers) to the main contractor and subcontractors and then on to the owner/operator. Throughout the process, each professional adds discipline-specific knowledge to the single shared model. This reduces information losses that traditionally occur when a new team takes ‘ownership’ of the project, and provides more extensive information to owners of complex structures.
  • Hatzel & Buehler meets online processing requirements, including online bid submission, Shop Drawing Submittal Process, Change Orders, Invoicing, etc. Some of the systems that Hatzel & Buehler currently participates in include ARIBA, vSource, Textura, Frictionless SMR, Xign, PaymodeX, Tririga, BidSync, and i.BidPro.
  • Located within the Corporate Office, Hatzel & Buehler employs a dedicated IT team, who provides technical support to Hatzel & Buehler’s seven branch offices.
  • While each branch office has a direct link to Hatzel & Buehler’s corporate mainframe, each branch office also has their own dedicated server allowing them to utilize any specialized software to meet their customers’ needs.
  • Large projects can be setup within days of mobilization with a server, printers, laptops, internet access and other such technical devices/support. This allows the on-site Hatzel & Buehler teams to maintain maximum levels of efficiency, while on a job site.
  • To meet the ever-growing demand for instant communication, Hatzel & Buehler provides our onsite key personnel with the “tools” that they need to meet that demand, from Smart Phones to Electronic Tablets.
  • Hatzel & Buehler utilizes the below technology to estimate, schedule and manage projects: