New York Office provides city-mandated Fire Alarm upgrades

In accordance with New York City’s Local Law 26 (a law designed to ensure proper fire protection measures are implemented throughout city buildings) Hatzel & Buehler’s New York Office will upgrade the electrical and fire alarm systems, throughout Verizon’s mid-town Manhattan Office Building.  Such upgrades will be performed through the use of VESDA  (very early smoke detection apparatus) and the upgrade of the regular fire alarm system, by providing it with Dual Electrical Feeds.

New York Office installs ARC System throughout 3 World Trade Center

Hatzel & Buehler will complete the installation of an Auxiliary Radio Communications System (ARCS) throughout 3 World Trade Center.  This system will be for use by New York City’s Fire Department (FDNY), as required by New York City Building Code. The system is a wireless two-way building communication system for FDNY use only to receive and transmit FDNY portable radio frequencies within the building.

Hatzel & Buehler’s scope of work will include the installation of all coaxial cable conduit, couplers, splitters, fiber optic cable, and antennas to cover 97% of the building as required by the FDNY.  Hatzel & Buehler Electricians will also install all passive components in two equipment rooms and install vertical risers to distribute Radio Frequency signals throughout the building.  Lastly, Hatzel & Buehler will install FDNY consoles and connect to equipment rooms and the building fire alarm system.