New York Office installs ARC System throughout 3 World Trade Center

Hatzel & Buehler will complete the installation of an Auxiliary Radio Communications System (ARCS) throughout 3 World Trade Center.  This system will be for use by New York City’s Fire Department (FDNY), as required by New York City Building Code. The system is a wireless two-way building communication system for FDNY use only to receive and transmit FDNY portable radio frequencies within the building.

Hatzel & Buehler’s scope of work will include the installation of all coaxial cable conduit, couplers, splitters, fiber optic cable, and antennas to cover 97% of the building as required by the FDNY.  Hatzel & Buehler Electricians will also install all passive components in two equipment rooms and install vertical risers to distribute Radio Frequency signals throughout the building.  Lastly, Hatzel & Buehler will install FDNY consoles and connect to equipment rooms and the building fire alarm system.