The Silas Bolef Company was founded in 1949, by Silas Bolef, who ran the company until 1990, when his son, Steven became President.  Under their leadership, Bolef became a leading provider of electrical construction services in the Delaware Valley area.  Bolef has successfully completed projects ranging from small office buildings to high technology resource centers, hospitals, pharmaceutical campuses and major industrial facilities.  Its lengthy client list includes such major entities such as Merck & Co., Vanguard, and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. With the sale to Hatzel & Buehler, Steve has found a strong partner that will continue the outstanding Bolef legacy established over the past 70+ years, ensuring that his many clients will continue to receive the same high-level of service they are accustomed to.

The acquisition of Bolef will add to Hatzel & Buehler’s growing list of clients in the Philadelphia area, such as Glaxo Smith Kline, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Boeing Company and will solidify Hatzel & Buehler’s position as the premier provider of electrical services in the area.