The Detroit Zoo’s ‘Artic Ring of Life’ is a state-of-the-art, $14.9 million interactive facility encompassing over four acres of outdoor and indoor exhibits that house Polar Bears, Seals, Arctic Owls and Foxes.  The most unique feature of the exhibit is the spectacular 70-foot-long ‘Polar Passage’, which takes visitors underneath the diving and swimming polar bears and seals.

There are five buildings on the exhibit, all with their own services but also all tied together for management of the site. Two buildings are connected by the underwater tunnel, which has new LED color lighting.  The main services building has numerous control systems that control filtration, pond pumps, trout raising tanks with automatic pond feed and heating and cooling equipment.  Hatzel & Buehler installed the site lighting and worked diligently and strategically to not interfere with the functionality of the exhibit.  Hatzel & Buehler successfully completed all work ahead of schedule.