For the last 27 years, Hatzel & Buehler has performed large project contract and maintenance work, at three of JPMorgan Chase’s Wilmington locations (One Christiana Center, Three Christiana Center & Four Christiana Center). Hatzel & Buehler has also performed large project work at JPMorgan Chase’s Newark, Delaware location.

Hatzel & Buehler’s scope of work at JPMorgan Chase is to satisfy all electrical needs including troubleshooting electrical problems and performing preventative maintenance. In addition, work is performed on/in their security systems, IT systems, card readers, fire alarms, demand meters, load banks, transformers, UPS & data centers and building management systems. On an as-needed basis, Hatzel & Buehler is contracted to troubleshoot problems and provide preventative maintenance at JPMorgan Chase locations in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington DC.

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