The New Jersey Public Health Laboratory is a 200,000 square foot, 5 story laboratory facility located in West Trenton, New Jersey.  The facility includes offices, meeting rooms, cafeteria, storage, mechanical and loading facilities.

Hatzel & Buehler’s work included furnishing and installing a dual ended 5000A main switchboard backed up with two 2500 KW building service transformers fed from the utility service switchgear.  The power distribution system on the load side of the main switchboard consists of twenty distribution panels feeding 130 downstream panelboards. The individual panelboards service three thousand feet of aluminum wireway with wiring devices to power individual lab bench instruments. A 2500 KW Emergency Generator was provided to backup the entire facility.

Hatzel & Buehler also furnished and installed an extensive security system within the building that can be monitored remotely, as well as a fire alarm system.  Hatzel & Buehler’s work also included an on-grid photovoltaic rooftop system that consists of 1,090 rooftop photovoltaic panels capable of delivering 210 watts of DC power each. The power being supplied from these rooftop panels is then transformed into usable AC power through inverters.
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