Headquarted in Pennsylvania, PJM Interconnection is a regional transmission organization responsible for coordinating distribution of electricity to 51 million people in thirteen states.  PJM operates and ensures the reliability of the largest centrally dispatched wholesale electricity grid in the world.

Hatzel & Buehler was contracted to perform the electrical installation and integration of the new data center and control room that will be a fully functional backup control center for running the vast power grid. The back up control center will operate full-tilt 24 hours a day, seven days per week, staffing ten-twenty employees .

The installation included:

  • Redundant 750 kva UPS  and distribution system
  • Paralleling system for three 750 kw turbine generators
  • One new 750 kw turbine generator
  • One new 12.4 kv underground high tension service
  • Upgrade and expansion of the existing 4000a double-ended utility switchgear
  • UPS branch distribution to120 dual sourced computer racks.
  • Remote control room utility and UPS distribution through a 200 ft underground utility tunnel
  • System integration and automation of the generator paralleling system, utility and UPS systems.