The technical aspects of this Mission Critical Facility in Delaware were unique. Providing truly “uninterrupted power” within the data center was crucial for its operation. A tremendous amount of attention to detail regarding the installation of equipment and systems along with documentation of all work was needed throughout the time on this project. Coordination between the engineering professionals, equipments vendors and the contractors were essential to the success of this project.

The project involved the conversion of an existing 100,000 square foot warehousing space into a mission critical facility. The facility will house the east coast data center for a leading internet security supplier. The data center has a 100% redundant backup system for chilled water and electrical systems that will allow uninterrupted service during any emergency.

Hatzel & Buehler’s scope of work for the facility included the installation of the following:

  • 12Kv electrical feeder distribution and equipment
  • 480v electrical distribution and equipment
  • 2.25MW Generators, including UREA emissions system
  • UPS System installation and equipment
  • 480VDC Battery System
  • Remote Power Panel installation
  • Under floor branch wiring
  • EMPS System
  • Grounding System
  • Structured Cable conveyance system
  • Security System raceway network
  • Fire Alarm System, under floor and overhead.
  • EPO System
  • Lighting control system