The University of Pennsylvania’s Stemmler Hall was recently renovated, replacing building systems and finishes. Such renovations included the replacement of all infrastructure systems while completely transforming the building into open lab space, with corresponding office and collaborative meeting spaces.  Hatzel & Buehler was engaged to provide new Normal, Emergency, and UPS distribution systems, throughout phase 1 of the renovation.  This work consisted of:

  • Medium Voltage feeders from sub-basement to Penthouse.
  • Provide a Double Ended 2500KVA substation with automatic transfer.
  • Provide a 1500KW generator which was placed on the roof of Stemmler Hall. Equipment provided with the generator consisted of (1) 2,000 AMP, (2) 600 AMP, and (2) 400 AMP automatic transfer switches.
  • Normal distribution consisted of providing 5,000 AMP and 1,600 AMP  Bus Way from Penthouse to Ground level.
  • Emergency Distribution consisted of providing (2) 600 AMP busways from Penthouse to Ground level.
  • Fit out of (6) electrical rooms with panels and transformers for future renovation.
  • Feeders to Mechanical Equipment.
  • Scope included some FA and Lighting.

Stemmler Hall was locked in by other buildings so access to rig in the equipment was very limited.  The 90,000 pound generator had to be broken down into pieces so that the crane would not exceed its weight limitations.  Hatzel & Buehler worked during off hours to install the equipment, as to not disrupt classes and walk-ways.